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MA DOR Professional Services

Faxing MA-2848

MA DOR has set up a special POA faxline, 617-660-3995. Fax no other documentation, but the MA-2848.  This is a great tool that is accessible evenings and weekends when you meet with your clients. Do not call the next day at 8:30 and expect that the POA will be available, but you do get a jump start. Often the next business day afternoon works out.


Email DOR for Help

Email taxprofeedback@DOR.State.MA.US<mailto:taxprofeedback@DOR.State.MA.US> with questions, issues and concerns about MA Tax, procedures and policies. This is a great service for help from the subject matter expert of the topic. The call center, 617-887-6367, is open from 8:30 to 4pm on weekends. Emailing TaxProFeedback can be submitted and queued up at any time of day.


MA DOR Collections

Call 617-887-6400 to skip the screening from the call center. Go directly to a collections officer of DOR. If the case is assigned a specific examiner, you will be routed from this phone number to the individual working your client’s case


MA DOR Problem Resolution Center

Anytime a DOR taxpayer case is not going well or not going, call 617-626-3833. The Problem Resolution Office is staffed to take care of issues that are not solved through normal channels.


MA Low Income Tax Clinics

LITCS’s are funded to resolve federal and state tax controversies of low income taxpayers. These are the clients who can’t pay your fees. LITC’s cannot address business entity, (1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041), issues. LITC’s do not prepare the current filing season tax returns. They assist in matters of collections, exam, appeals and demands to IRS & DOR notices. Direct a non-billable potential client to a low income tax clinic.


*   Springfield, 413-263-6500

*   Boston, near North Station, 800-323-3205

*   Jamaica Plain, adjacent to Stony Brook, 866-738-8081